Delay Spray To Last Longer In Bed

In a world where services and other stuff are instantly gotten, it comes as no surprise that delay sprays have been manufactured to keep a man from ejaculating prematurely in a jiffy. One look online and you can see videos and articles on just how efficient delay sprays are. They promise to:

  • Keep you going on for longer by numbing your penis and reducing sexual stimulation to the point of ejaculation.
  • Give you and girl satisfaction and no undue irritation caused by the chemicals that go into its make.
  • A feeling of sexual pleasure, despite the numbing properties of the spray.

How do they achieve this? These sprays have medical anesthetics going into their making, numbing your penis’s sense of touch. Although there are herbal variants of these sprays, the common consensus is that they do nothing to show results.

The reasons people ejaculate prematurely is because they are hypersensitive to sexual stimuli. These sprays keep you feeling less sensitive in this regard and therefore allow you to last longer in bed. Here’s how you can go about using them.

  • Spray them three or four times on your penis head, including the ring.
  • Wait for about five minutes before you begin to have sex.
  • If you’re someone who has a sensitive shaft, go ahead and spray there as well.
  • If you spray too much, however, you will see long-lasting effects, but also a vastly reduced pleasure intake, which pretty well ruins sex for you.

These sprays can sometimes cause you so much extension during sex that the only reason you may need to stop is because you’re too tired to go any further! To avoid this and other undesirables, let’s see more of what you’ll receive if you use delay sprays wrongly.

  • Remember that warm vaginal sensation when you’re inside your girl? Well, that’s no longer there for you (!) if you decide to over-spray.
  • You will indeed feel penile tension and you will eventually ejaculate, but by over-spraying you pay the cost with sexual boredom, because you don’t feel much pleasure while having it.

A nifty way to go about using delay sprays is by using just a wee bit of it before donning a condom. The natural postponing properties of using a condom act in conjunction with the small amount of spray and you last longer, naturally so, without too much artificiality going into your sex session.

Besides all this, it’s always advisable to ask your doctor if you’re allergic to certain chemicals that go into these sprays. Also, if you’re not, these anesthetics may merely be incompatible for you. So check both queries before using the sprays, no matter what your predicament. Better safe than sorry.

On the other hand, it’s always better to stay away from such products, because they deal with chemicals and anesthetics, not things to be used on a regular basis. And, since you’re just human (!), you may have great need to resort to delay sprays the next time you have sex, despite knowing what you know. Suffering from premature ejaculation can do that to a man, so it’s understandable, but try techniques and methods available to you before choosing to spray yourself. This way, you take the least risk and could end up with the most benefits.