Delaying Ejaculation By Improving Stamina

Masturbating now and then is good, but not frequently. Exhaustion and lack of stamina is a very real thing in the lives of people who masturbate more than their body can handle. Many such people fool themselves into thinking that they have every chance in the world to pleasure a man or woman and satisfy them. Don’t be fooled into assuming that only men are in on the constant-masturbation scheme.

Even women, especially in the modern world, indulge in the more-than-occasional act of self-pleasing. It could be laziness or a serious case of low self-esteem, but they somehow get it into their minds that they are not capable of actually finding someone to have sex with. If you’re such a person, don’t stop reading.

What you don’t know will most certainly ruin you and your sex life. Remember that no matter how you look on the outside, there is always more than a few people out there who find you very attractive. This fact will be difficult to buy, because you don’t make the effort needed to seek people out, either through dating sites or online chatting.

What does all this have to do with delaying ejaculation? Here’s what:

  • When you think you can’t find someone, even though they’re there to be found, you tend to start pleasing yourself.
  • The longer you keep at this, the more you falsely confirm that it’s easier, less heartbreaking and much faster to please oneself and get a sexual kick out of it, until next time.
  • The keyword in the previous point is ‘faster’, because you tend to start ejaculating real fast the more you get accustomed to masturbation.
  • You must be getting nervous by now, but don’t stop reading. Once you get used to frequent masturbation, you tend to do what’s humanly plausible. Being creatures of habit, we all fall into one or the other. Demanding variety in something as brief as one of your many masturbation sessions, you head to the allure of sexually stimulating pictures, either as cut-outs or in your mobile phone and laptop. And let’s not forget videos.
  • You get so attached to the variety and heightened pleasure of having ‘mind sex’ with the people in those videos and pictures that you are completely happy in your bubble, failing to see the pit you’re digging yourself into.
  • You feel satiated in this manner and so don’t attempt seeking partners out, and the ones that do show an interest in you is completely ignored, all because you are already sexually satisfied through masturbation.
  • Let’s hit the nail on the head now, shall we? You will most certainly meet someone during such a time, and actual sex becomes inevitable. Not only do you get nervous, thereby affecting your penile erection or vaginal hardening, but you also fall into the habit you created. You have such a huge probability to ejaculate prematurely or, if you somehow make it through a few minutes in bed with your partner, you ejaculate sooner than they would like.

This picture of close-minded laziness shouldn’t be an embarrassment. Rather, you should take it as an eye-opener, a challenge that comes to you as a sign so you can become a better person, delay ejaculation when you’re with an actual partner and satisfy them completely.

And also, don’t forget the immense quantities of confidence that will come pouring into your life on knowing what a big mountain you overcame.