How Meditation Can Help You Last Longer In Bed

You’ve heard it said that meditation can do wonders for your soul, but what can it do for your body? Almost everybody in life—excepting, well, the ignorant—want to have sex, want to know it, and desire it more than most things. But, the second they see a girl, they’re done. I mean, done! This will not do. Enter, meditation, which is a polite way to indicate that you need to relax.

Men are not the only ones who need this sort of calmness in their sex lives. Women make an excellent show of hiding their feelings, especially when it comes to their sexual side. Men, on the other hand, long to show it off. Meditation is crucial to the sex lives of both sexes.

  • When you calm your mind, you can command your body to do the same. Obviously, the implications of such a thing are amazing. Think of how something as simple as meditating every day can help you last longer in bed at night—forgive the drama.
  • Lasting longer is not a chore or something you’ve to train yourself to do. If you are of the opinion that this is the case, then you are sorely off track, because the thrill of sex is certainly destroyed if you approach it this way.
  • Be simple and relax. Meditation helps in ways unimaginable. Ten to fifteen minutes of non-sex-related meditation to calm and soothe the nerves helps when it comes to sex, where your nerves fire away and send such pleasure coursing through your body.
  • A person who meditates is a far calmer lover, and this is one of the most satisfying things for a girl. They love it rough too, don’t be fooled by their pretty exterior, but they also crave a touch of romance and ‘slow-dancing’, in bed that is. So a calmer guy can do it so well that even he enjoys himself, and because he’s calm he gets to last longer than when he lets his emotions take over, leading to an early and unsatisfactory finish.

The benefits of meditation have helped more than just the healthy and the vigorous. Meditative techniques are so effective that many people recovering from illness, men as well as women, have testified as to how effectively it has helped them get back on their feet and perform awesomely in bed, too.

Sex is a crucial part of our lives, not something to be ignored or set aside. It must be embraced, but in all the right ways. To sit down, close your eyes, forget the stress-filled world running helter-skelter all around you and just…rela-a-a-x, now that’s the life essence we all crave to possess.

Sex is one of the first things that benefit from an aura of calmness you inculcate through meditation. Of course, you may love instant coffee or instant noodles, but there’s no such thing as instant meditation, let alone rapid results from it for sexual pleasure.

You need to put in some effort, meditate each day and within a month or two you are sure to see results that will last for the rest of your life, especially your sex life.