How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Thinking about the concept of premature ejaculation is not a very amusing thing. It’s sure to bring up a lot of negative emotions, because nobody wants to go through something like this. Sex is an amazing part of everyone’s life and they deserve to make the best of it. Premature ejaculation puts a stop to all of that. So, let’s look at ways to avoid it.

  • Do not expect to ejaculate prematurely. This is a hard trick to master. You have to work on thinking positive each day, or you’ll end up thinking negative no matter what. Anxiety, awkwardness, reticence are all emotions that make you keep away from disappointing your partner in bed, but they are also the very reason you do so. Simply put, avoid thoughts that hold you back in any way.
  • There are some people who don’t fully understand this next method. Just take it at face value and you have yourself a very useful tool to extend your time in bed. It’s called distraction. Keep yourself diverted at all the right times and you’re sure to go on having sex for much longer than expected. Don’t think thoughts, as these have a high probability of sidetracking you. Instead look at certain things in the room. These objects can be the sheets or even the bed post, or anything else non-stimulating. Be sure to glance at them for a maximum of two seconds, and you’ll have distracted yourself into not ejaculating too soon.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. What this means is you can do simple things before sex that will certainly see that the real thing gets a lot more time to conclude. These small things include kissing, with tongue-lock involved but no groping. This sees to a hardening of your penis, while also keeping you at that stable level between relaxation and excitement. Basically, you get to last longer at sex after at least twenty minutes of kissing.
  • Another cool and interesting method is to play a game or two in bed with your partner. Now these games can be anything, from cards to board games, that doesn’t take your mind off sex. To this effect, employ stripping during the game. Every time one person doesn’t advance in the game, let them strip off a piece of clothing. This is a great way to keep you horny, make you anticipate actual sex and also stay calm because you’re playing a game before the real fun begins. All these factors serve to extend your cum-time and get you to experience a thrilling session in bed with your girl.

Such techniques and methods are as numerous as they are varied. You can find them almost anywhere you look. Try to pick the ones that interest you, or else you’ll only get bored when trying them. Boredom kills the desire to have sex, despite most people saying that they like to have sex only because they’re bored.

There’s a very good chance that such people are the ones who ejaculate too soon. Premature cumming is not such a big problem that you give up hope trying to remedy it. If your heart is willing, then you can find easy means to stay longer when having sex with your girl.