How To Last Longer In Bed

To some people this sounds funny. They ask what the big deal is. If you’re born with long-lasting skills, it isn’t because you’ve earned it, it’s just that you have it—good karma or whatever. But, to those who have great need to learn such things, lasting longer in bed is a very crucial topic of discussion.

There are some simple stuff you can do either before or during sex to extend your time in bed with your partner. This way the two of you benefit greatly from the experience and also have a lot more fun than merely being limited. Men are the ones who most need to learn this, so let’s get started.

  • When you know you’re going to bed your girl, wife or date, come prepared. Encourage yourself to think desirable thoughts. Why? Because it’s suggested that you masturbate an hour before the event, and this way you get to give your body time enough to regain lost sperm. Basically, you extend you cum time during sex the following night.
  • If you haven’t the time or the privacy for such things, do something sillier by comparison. Shoot glances at commonplace objects around the room, even the wall and the décor. Remember to keep this to a brief three seconds or so lest you get too distracted. This is quite effective when it comes to preventing premature ejaculation. Also, it’s way smarter to shoot such glances that to shot your seed out too soon and call a close to a potentially awesome sexperience.
  • Look at your girl like you know her, on a deep and romantic level. You probably already do, so use this mindset to your advantage. This way you keep lustful thoughts aside long enough to encourage extension in bed.
  • You can even do some fun stuff before actual sex, like foreplay and small-level sex games that are sure to hold your interest and keep you curious, but not send you over the top so you end up blowing your lid and veritably kick a good time out the window.
  • Another valuable thing to do involves the very act of kissing. You can merely keep kissing for several minutes, eyes closed and sans too much groping, so you get into a calm rhythm. A few minutes into this and it turns into a temporary habit, of sorts, and you get calmer. You remain turned on, that’s for sure, but calm enough to take your time with ejaculating.
  • Speaking of calm, learn to breathe deeply during sex. This relaxes all your muscles, including your sex organs, and makes for a very pleasurable sexperience, and also one that will last a lot longer than if you were excited and too aggressive.

These simple techniques will see you through to a satisfying conclusion of your time in bed with your partner. She will most certainly be glad that you went through the effort to learn all this and practice some of it beforehand, like breathing exercises. Sex will have gone up a level, simply because you mastered the art of extending your ejaculation time.