How To Stay Hard

The one question on the lips of every man out there, accomplished or not, is how to stay hard. Of course, porn stars and the naturally gifted aside, people who have trouble keeping their seed in are those who have need of an answer to this question. There are millions of people who go through this and they keep trying varied ways to keep it from happening, but end up in the same rut over and over.

This is because of one major factor: Fear. They try, out of fear that it’s going to happen again. They research, with a heart that has lost hope. And they seek answers, knowing they won’t find it. This has simply got to stop. Not to be harsh or offensive, but… Be a man!

Get your thoughts in line and make the correct attempts to last longer in bed, with all the positivity you have left, even if it’s a meager amount. If not, even the simplest methods will become something like sitting in a class of Advanced Calculus—if you’re a guy who’s outstanding at math, substitute the above for something you’re terrible at! Let’s see what you can do to stay hard.

  • Ballooning. For those of you who haven’t heard the term and are thinking it involves the art of making balloon animals, think again! It’s a penis exercise that gets you three superb results: highly-stimulated erection, wooden hardness and, surprisingly, marked penile lengthening. Surely every man desires to have these things in his own manhood. Ballooning exercises let you masturbate, but not ejaculate, stopping before that happens. Then, when you’re calm again, you repeat the process, all in one session with multiple attempts. You gotta keep doing this for a month or two. Each day spent at this exercise, advised to be performed thrice a day, will make it all worthwhile. You’ll last so long afterward, you won’t know what happened. You can actually masturbate and cum anytime during the time you take to do ballooning, but keep it to a maximum of twice a week.
  • Get healthy, or you won’t even have the endurance to do the previous point. Look up your dietary needs online, go to the grocery store as soon as you can manage, buy the foods and health drinks you need, stock up and start living a whole new lifestyle. Do it like you’re taking one deep breath, and don’t let lethargy or inhibition stop you. Change can happen only when action precedes it.
  • Ask professionals about your premature ejaculation or erectile troubles, and get to know your enemy. By professionals, it doesn’t mean porn actors! It means qualified doctors, therapists and physicians who’ll help supplement all your efforts with the right vitamins and oils.

You will soon get so healthy your girl will think you divine, especially in the things you can achieve in the bedroom. You become an active human being, a happy one and also someone who doesn’t give in to disease, all because you took that first step and kept on walking to your destination.

A real man takes matters into his own hands. So what if you have premature ejaculation troubles? It doesn’t mean you should go in having it.