How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Proven techniques out there exist for you to use if you need to learn how to stop premature ejaculation. These tricks and methods are simple, painless and fun too. Besides, the very fact that they extend your time in bed means they’re cool enough to try.

  • Eat healthy. That’s a crucial thing to do if you need your body and sexual organs to function at optimum. There are many herbal diets as well as more exotic spices and curries that promise to get those sexual juices flowing so efficiently that, as ironic as it may sound, get you more time to cum than your usually do.
  • Yoga is an incredibly satisfying art to learn, not only for general well-being, but also for sexual satisfaction. The art of Yoga and all its breathing exercises and flexibility positions mould your body and the way it produces certain hormones and chemicals. Balance is the keyword when it comes to yogic practices. It’s no secret that Yoga condones sex for its beneficial and therapeutic effects on the human body. To stave off ejaculation, which in turn enhances sex, learn Yoga and your body will do the rest.
  • Relaxation meditation is an offshoot of Yoga, but it can be something you do without the need to follow yogic principles. Everybody needs to relax and send stress packing. We need better lifestyles and the only way to get them is to calm down and take life as it comes. This is a valuable lesson to be aware of, because general relaxation meditation techniques aim to help you get just this. This way, your body isn’t agitated enough to respond to the slightest sexual stimulation with a premature ejaculation.
  • Work out; yet another key element to incorporate into your life. A fit body actually takes its time with all the important functions that determine a calm, disease-free life. Sex is a primary example of such functions, keeping you fit and relaxed, and also mentally energized in some mysterious way. A trim figure means healthy blood flow and a strong bone-muscle index. Sex will feel far better when you have a body that fits the need. You will even take time before ejaculating, all involuntarily.
  • Too much masturbation is a detriment to your sex life, because apart from having no energy to indulge in a very satisfying act with your partner, you also lose out on the ability to get a proper erection. Even if you do, you will ejaculate sooner than preferable and thereby drown a potentially active sex life.
  • PC muscle exercises or Kegel exercises are a great way to work your penile muscles, as well as those connected to it, so you get better control over your ejaculation times. You can get the most out of a sexperience with your girl and you get to take your own sweet time with her.

These easy methods and tricks are what matter to you when all other hope has gone. It may sound too dramatic to raise the notion of premature ejaculation to a high vantage, but it’s very important that we do. A happy person is a healthy person, and vice versa. Premature ejaculation is merely an obstacle on that path of calmness, joy and a happy sex life.