PC Muscle Exercises

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with a Personal Computer! Yes, porn helps, but PC muscle exercises help in totally different ways to get you back to your sexual self. There is something called a PC muscle in your body, and that’s what you’re going to exercise. Kegel exercises cover more than this muscle alone, so when you Kegel you include the PC muscle in your exercise routine.

  • PC stands for Pubococcygeus. It’s a muscle that looks like a hammock—like those netted swings you see in tropical islands–and it stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx, at the base of your spine.
  • This is your target muscle and you can find it when you urinate. Yes, you read it right: when you urinate.
  • Try stopping your urine mid-flow. When you’ve achieved that, then you can be sure that you used your PC muscle to get the job done.

When you’re going to Kegel, you can’t keep drinking lots of water, wait to pee and then head to the toilet for you thrice daily exercise routine! That’s just ridiculous. You need to Kegel when not urinating, and the above example on how to find your PC muscle is just that. You found it, period, so let’s get started.

  • If you’re reading this far, you probably have a weak bladder and can’t hold your PC muscle contracted. Kegel helps improve the strength of that muscle.
  • You don’t need your hands or legs to help you Kegel. You can even sit at the table, or work on your computer, or go for a run or anything at all and still Kegel the PC muscle.
  • Get this: the PC is a lot like your biceps and triceps in that it can be over-trained. Give it rest, Kegel three to four days a week if you see fit to do so.
  • There are various methods and how-to’s when it comes to Kegel exercises. Find the one that works for you and get started without delay.

You must be hearing this a lot: be consistent, be determined and don’t stop your PC muscle exercises until you’ve seen results. You hear this so often, because this is what you’re supposed to do. There’s no short cut around this mountain. A good captain knows to sail through a storm, not around it.

Simply put, it’s the fastest way to get out of a problem’s clutches. Kegel is not much different from this. Never give in to embarrassment. You don’t have a problem, just a minor inconvenience that can easily be remedied with the right routines and know-how.

Kegel exercises offer you the opportunity to become a whole new you. You can change your life around, despite going through an illness or surgery that has set you sexually back in ways only you can understand.

Once again, discard embarrassment. You’re alive and so you have pride in you and a will to live. Exercise those PC muscles and do it right. You’re sure to regain your libido and satisfy your woman, all because you chose fortitude over shame.