Using Stamina To Delay Orgasm

From products and medications, to treatments and even rituals, people have always wanted to try and delay orgasms. This is applicable to both men and women, but the former have taken it as something too personal to ignore, and for good reason too.

The very act of sex is a beautiful thing to experience, and not one soul alive can say that they would like to get it over with quickly. To delay an orgasm, don’t go looking too far for things that lie right in front of you. Approach it the simple way and you’ll see that the natural is far better than anything artificial.  It all resides in having enough ‘stamina’ as well as some techniques:

  • Try doing Kegel exercises. They let you work out the PC muscle, the one responsible for sustaining hard-on’s. When you urinate and you try stopping the flow and resuming again, what you are doing is working that very muscle, and if you try this casual exercise every day as often as you can, then you are sure to see strength return to your genital functions and, within about a few months, you will notice that you can go for longer durations of time without ejaculating.
  • The same can also be said for another exercise, which is quite the favorite among several thousand men worldwide. It’s called ballooning, and it lets you masturbate where you deliberately do not spill your seed nearing the end. You stop yourself just in time, and get calm again—without going flaccid—before starting all over again. This way you are promised results that will get you harder erections, longer penile length and more long-lasting times before final ejaculation.
  • You can also delay your orgasm in more creative ways. These include the incredible efficacy of distraction, wherein you merely have to glance at an ordinary object that’s in the room with you, and do so for only two seconds at most. When you attempt this while having sex, you keep from cumming too soon and therefore get to experience sex for longer before conclusion.
  • Attempt new positions. These are not always what you think. There are many positions that get you turned on and there are others that get you to stay hard, but they let you take your time with finishing. Experiment and observe what positions work for you and you can make the most out of a sex session with your partner.
  • Try doing small-scale stuff before you start having actual sex with your girl. This stuff can include you kissing for at least twenty minutes to half an hour. Time sure does fly when you practice something not too excitable, but intimate nevertheless. This, and other foreplay options, sees to it that you stay longer in bed, without ejaculating too soon. As long as the options are not a very big turn-on for you, you’re set to have a lot of fun with nothing to stop you.

Delaying an orgasm is not that hard. Maybe the practice needed to master certain skills are, but that depends on how determined you are to see extension in your sex life. As long as you’re serious about satisfying your girl and yourself, you have no problem finding a solution to something as simple as having long-lasting sex.